Steve McGarvie and his Beacons are a great idea to promote your business and actually work. I have used them at Expos and generally at events and they have brought potential customers to me. Steve is both knowledgeable and a good guy I highly recommend him and the Beacons.
Phil Pugh
Steve is a conscientious and knowledgeable guy to know in his field. He provides and excellent service and product. We can’t recommend Steve enough!!
Matt Elliot
I was dubious about the effectiveness of these but I took one on for a month. I was amazed at the amount of attention we got as a result. Steve had some great ideas for making more of it as well. I am really impressed.
Phil Dean
On a personal and professional level, Steve McGarvie is a top bloke. His Advertising Beacons product is a remarkably simple, yet innovative solution to live lead creation. I have now used it in two businesses and I have created pretty much instant opportunity by doing so. Try an Advertising Beacon for your business!
Neil Armstrong
It is always good to work with an open minded and friendly entrepreneur - especially when they have a desire to enrich your business. I first of all purchased a number of media beacons from Steve in November after receiving a demonstration. After placing them in strategic locations, and with Steve assisting on the landing page set up, we now have a steady flow of people receiving the notifications when in the beacon's range, and this is having some great impact on our exposure and business. I would recommend Steve for being both a helpful entrepreneur and also for the beacon product.
Matt Harding
We used the Advertising Beacon to promote a brand launch and we were delighted with it. We now have it in a van, which means our message is getting out to more people and in lots of areas. To do that through local media in those areas would cost us many times more than the price of the Beacon, so its cost effective.
Margaret Mitchinson
Lead Director, PhoenixABC
I am the owner of internet radio station Chat and Spin Radio based in Washington, Tyne and Wear. We have used an advertising beacon for about a month and found that it has increased our business immensely, We find that as well as an increase in the number of listeners the visits to the website and facebook page have also increased.
Ron Clark
I first met Steve last year through networking at a host of different events across the North East. I would like to say what a genuine guy Steve is and his advertising beacons are superb, if you haven't spoken to him about these then you really need to get in touch with him. The coverage and leads they generate are amazing and to think from such a small device that can fit onto a key ring. If you provide a service or have a sales team, then you should seriously think about purchasing a few of these devices to generate additional income? What are you waiting for get in touch with Steve and I promise you won't be disappointed!!!
Paul Taylor
I met Steve in the back end of 2016 in a completely chance meeting. Steve is a fantastic guy to know, very friendly and outgoing & a great person to report to (The Neighbourhood). Steve's recent marketing feature - Pioneer Advertising Beacons - is second to none. I couldn't believe the technology when I heard about it; using Bluetooth to advertise to potential customers within 100 yards of where you are at any given time. We decided to give the Beacons a try with Occasional Events NE Ltd and Lanchester Wedding Cars, within 6 weeks both had roughly 200 clicks from the Beacons alone. Don't believe it? Try a Beacon for 2 months with Steve and see the results for yourself! Thanks Steve!!
Darren Thompson
Decided to give the beacons a try 8 placed in various parts of Newcastle over a 12 week period gave us over 32,000 views on our site… Not bad. Thank Steve.
David Muirhead
Managing Director, Zerodrytime Ltd