Pioneer Luminum Ltd (then known as Pioneer Marking Devices) was registered in the UK back in February 1996 as a rubberstamp manufacturing company based in Blandford Square in Newcastle upon Tyne.
At that time the business was manufacturing rubberstamps, self-inking stamps & pre-inked stamps by traditional methods of the day employing around 15 people at the height of its business growth.


An opportunity arose around 15 years ago when the company became a distributor for the Japanese electronics giant brother. We became their sole distributor a niche product that was still within our industry which is called the Stampcreator this little bit of kit was able to manufacture the Rolls Royce of Pre Inked stamps in around 3 to 5 minutes, without the need for all of the cumbersome and expensive equipment that had been needed in years gone by.


In 2013 the traditional rubberstamp and self-inking stamp parts of the business was sold to Europe’s largest manufacturer of stamps a company called Trodat. At this point, the business name changed to Pioneer Luminum Ltd as we continued to focus on serving our brother stampcreator clients, probably the best known of which is Timpsons.


Then around three years ago back in 2014, we became a distributor for one of brothers newer products, again a niche product called tapecreator, which can create images on adhesive tape and ribbon, of course there’s nothing new in being able to do that, however what was unique about it, is that you could produce a minimum of just 1 metre in just a few moments without any of the needed set up charges that were required for the older technology.


In 2017 we added another niche product to our lineup, The Pioneer Advertising Beacon, it comes in 3 different guises.
They are all Bluetooth advertising beacons the,
PAB 01, is really for indoor use where connected power is not easy to connect to. The PAB USB is for indoor use where power can be connected to, and the PAB X4 is a rugged, weatherproof, and temperature-resistant proximity beacon powered by four AA batteries. It can be installed in any location, regardless of available power and provides proximity advertisements for mobile applications.